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Friday, June 01, 2007

Late April and May socks!

I've been trying to update early this week, but gave up after 3 tries, two days in a row! Blogger just wasn't letting me post at all. :( But here's another try.

I haven't been posting as I totally forgot about it, but I have been knitting. Not as much socks as I wanted (I'm part of the 52 pairs plunge too and I'm horribly behind) but there are a few socks to show off after my last post.

If you want more info about them, just click and check out my flickr page!

The first 2 pairs were finished in April :

Pomatomus Socks - finished

Pomatomus socks (no links required I suspect) in Lorna's Laces Sheperd Sport, for my sister!

Waves socks

Based on a pattern on Sensational Knitted socks, out of the left over Lorna's Laces and Dale of Norway Baby Ull. These are for little me and I love them!

The following socks were the only pair I managed to finish during May. Not much to show for that month!


Anklets, my own handpainted yarn, toe up and short row heel.

And now it's already June. I'll have to catch up on knitting! Hopefully I'll manage a few more socks this month. I'll just have to fall back on a bit more heavy weight socks, though I refuse to go higher then 3mm needles (I am knitting a pair on 4mm needles out of Favourite socks, but I plan on going down to 3,25mm for the foot, so it kind of counts).

Happy knitting!


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