Sock a Month Knitalong 3

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ending SAM3 with 3!!!

Yes! Finished up 3 socks!

This one was started in May:
Embossed Leaves Socks by Mona Schmidt in Favorite Socks (as if you didn't know!)
yarn: Socks That Rock lightweight in Lemongrass
needles: 29" Inox greys 3.25mm to cast on, 2.75 for the rest until the toe which I did in 2.5mm
mods: I wanted something that reflected the twisted rib and I had just finished Pomatomus (see below) so I replaced the heel with that one. I really love it. Also, and not on purpose, I left out 1/2 of a repeat before the heel, but I'm ok with that.
LOVE THEM!!! And even though it looks as if it took me 2 months, it is really a quick knit. If you are one of the last people on Earth not to knit this (I thought I was), I really recommend it! You get to the point that you don't even look at the chart anymore because it just makes sense!

Next: started in mid June:
Pomatomus by Cookie A
yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Spirit #3008
needles: 40" Inox Express 2.5mm
mods: Used the 1x1 rib cast on method from Embossed Leaves Socks from Favorite Socks.
LOVE THEM!!! The stripes aren't perfect but they are close enough for government work and I wasn't even trying!!

Finally, this one was started late in June (second try after first were too little):
Monkey by Cookie A
yarn: J-Knit Superwash Me Light in Louisiana
needles: I think 40" Inox Express 2.5mm for all except the heel which was done with 29" Inox grey 2.25mm
These are for my Sockapalooza 4 Pal and I hope she loves them as much as I do!

Looking forward to SAM4!!


At 2:19 PM, Blogger lexa said...

I absolutely love the first pair! That green is my kinda color! Secondly, Poms are like one of my all-time faves when it comes to socks patterns, and the color you chose is great. And lastly, I love the bright Monkeys! Lucky Sock Pal!


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