Sock a Month Knitalong 3

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fixation Footies for July are complete. They are for a boy's size 5 foot. I used less than one 50g 100 yard skein of Cascade Fixation cotton and elastic yarn, color 9192. Striping was a surprise. Because of the stretch, I used a size 4 needle which pulled back to a gauge of 7 stitches/in, 44 stitches total. The ankle is Priscilla Gibson-Robert's from her book and recent IK. Also took a recommendation from Lucy Neatby to make the heel over about 60% of stitches. This is the second footie prototype; in the first I didn't use a yarn with elastic and the ribbing stretched. We'll see if these stay up on his very narrow heel and snug up the way he likes. I am considering a few extra short rows on the back heel side. Any suggestions, tips, or tricks for footies that really fit? Laura D.


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