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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Socks

I call these my Happy Socks for several reasons. #1 I'm happy to be done with them #2 I happy to be rid of them. They were knit as a gift, but i just did not like the colors. #3 The recipient is happy with them. Very much so. It's inspired her to get knitting her own socks. #4 I'll be happy if I never knit with self striping yarn again. #5 My balls (yarn balls, that is) looked so happy after I saved them from sheer ugliness in one pattern, I frogged them and turned them into these Happy Socks. A simple 2 by 1 rib with short row toe and heel flap/gusset. I used to balls of Zitron Lifestyle. A great yarn to work with. This is my second pair. I would recommend the yarn even though I swore off self striping.
P.S. I keep attempting to load my photo and I can't so I will attempt again tomorrow. It is on my flicker account

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