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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March Socks -- done

2 pair of socks done this month -- one for me and one for my husband. Mine are Broadripple in the blue Fortissima, knit on: 3.25 mm needles I got the yarn in the markdown bin at the LYS as it was the only one left in that dye-lot, knit them with short legs, and still ran out of yarn ... had to go back and use the scraps left over from matching up the pattern sock to sock -- annoying to just be a yard too little! Ahh well, I still think they look good, and someone might like them - if they weren't too small for me, I'd keep them !
My husband says he says they feel like they were custom made for his feet! The Yarn: Austeman Step, colourway: 03 - Gras, 3 mm needles (except for 2 inches of cuff were knit with 3.25 mm).
I like the feel of the Step, but the patterning is weird -- as you may have noticed in the pictures, the repeats are not the same from sock to sock. I worked one from the centre of the ball out, and the other from the outside inward to make sure I had enough yarn, because when I had finished one sock, it looked like I had just then reached the end of the first repeat , but you can see the swaths of colour are not even close to the same length/size (look at the length of the brown repeats and the white and pink repeats as well! one sock has very long washes of colour, the other has "brief" ones!) - the washes seem to be placed randomly (so if you are someone who "needs" identical socks, I would pick a different colour for your socks!). Time: 16 days


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