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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April Socks finished!

I thought I'd get a head start on May by getting April done early! These were part completed when I started, but I believe that's allowed in the rules. Actually it's good to get a long term UFO - over a year old - finished. These socks are Lucy Neatby's Timberline Toes, and are knitted in Regia something or other. The ball band is long gone. Disappointingly they are slightly too big, which proves my foot isn't as wide as I thought, or my gauge calculations are off. Whichever it is, they will be great as second socks under my motorcycle boots in the winter.


At 2:11 PM, Blogger lexa said...

Very nice! I'm going to get to meet Lucy on May 12. I am taking my first knitting glass with her. Fellow SAM3er, Heddy, is going with me, and two others from Heddy's work. Should be fun! I don't ever get to do anything that isn't family-oriented. (Not that I mind the family, but y'know.)


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