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Monday, June 18, 2007

June Diagonal Rib Socks

My June socks are Ann Budd's Diagonal Rib Socks from Knitting Daily. They're knit cuff down in KP Essential on size 1 circs. Details are on my blog. (I can't help but alter a pattern, any pattern, a bit.)

The diagonal (twist st) ribbing makes the socks extra comfy and springy. Plus, as a result of making the sock, I learned how to do a right twist (It's like a 1+1 cable but different.) and got a lot of practice on it. I enjoyed doing right twists enough that I decided to learn how to do left twists as well (and changed the pattern slightly to incorporate them). -- I'd been wanting to learn how to make twists for a while.

In fact, I've learned to like twists so much that I'm thinking about making Mona Strickt's Dream Twister socks as my next project.

By the way, after working on a pattern for a drop-sleeve pullover, I'd started to wonder why sock heel flaps have slipped st edges. As far as I can tell, there's a debate on whether or not to have a slipped st edge on seams for a sweater, but I haven't seen one on whether or not to have a slipped st edge on heel flaps. The heel flap in the picture doesn't (It has a knit st edge.), and it worked out well. (I altered the pattern to check my musings out.)
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