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Thursday, June 14, 2007

June Socks - My First KAL Socks!

Hi everyone! This is my first pair of KAL socks (or any KAL project, for that matter). I am so excited that I get to post these beautiful socks as my first pair on this KAL. I love the Embossed Leaves pattern from Favorite Socks (by Interweave Press). The pattern is beautiful and I love it even more in Koigu's color #1005 (a beautiful periwinkle). I hope that my mom loves her very belated Mother's Day socks as much as I do (this is my first time that I'll see her in a long time). I need to make a pair for myself now! :)

If anyone is interested in my lonely little blog(s), feel free to stop by and leave me a comment or two. Also, if anyone has input as to which blog they like better, my Blogger blog or my Wordpress blog, let me know. I can't decide whether I want to keep one or the other. I know that they have the same content, but the layout and and skins are different. Thanks all! :)


At 5:07 AM, Blogger holly said...

Those look great--I've got to get this pattern! And you finished them so fast! I'm joining this KAL (a little late!) just so I can have a finished pair or two of socks by the end of July! BTW, I like the look of the WP blog the best.


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