Sock a Month Knitalong 3

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Does This Count?

Yarn: Zen String Serendipity Fingering in Aloha
Pattern: (what else?) Monkeys by Cookie A.

I have decided to share, based on the fact that I have knit these socks on three different size needles, first twos (too big on right) then ones (too small on left) finally one and a halfs (just right - finally!)So I did actually knit two socks in June. And here's what I have to show for it:

If you want to see more of monkey's antics (he's been a very bad challenging boy) you can get the ugly full story by visiting my blog, and clicking on the tag that says monkey.



At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Debbie said...

Okay, you made me laugh with the heading!


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