Sock a Month Knitalong 3

Sunday, July 29, 2007

July, and I am spent!!!!!

Woo hoo! I finished my July socks!!! (I totally just wrote this post and it malfunctioned and deleted it, grrrr blogger!) Anyways, I did all 6 pairs and I am proud of myself, but I don't think I will join the next round. I didn't like the "pressure" of having to finish by the end of the month. It made me hold off on more complicated patterns. I will definitely continue to watch, since I love seeing what everyone else is up to! Ok, so here are my socks!

Yarn: Claudia’s Handpainted - Blue Fields
Pattern: Sockbug’s River Rapids
Needles: Size 2 DPNs
Started: June 24, 2007
Completed: July 27, 2007

I think that these are my favorite socks yet! They fit wonderfully! They go great with jeans! I started these on vacation out west in Wyoming and South Dakota. They really mirrored the colors of the landscape, which I really enjoyed! I love when things match!


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