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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Crayola/Lego Socks DONE!

I finished some socks for my nephew Caleb's birthday. His mom is throwing him a "Lego" themed party, so I wanted to knit him some crazy socks in "Lego" colors. This yarn was called Crayola and I figured it would do nicely.

It's a basic sock pattern in worsted weight yarn. I think I prefer doing simple socks. I'm currently working on something a little harder, though. Hopefully I'll have pics to show later.

I actually finished it mid-January, but I wasn't able to get pics of it until today. Will it still be able to count for January?

You can see what other stuff I've been knitting on my blog.

Oops! I just noticed that we're supposed to sign our posts. Okay!

I'm Rachel, and my blog is


At 4:59 PM, Blogger Abigail said...

Ohh! Those are so bright and happy, I love them!
Great job! :D

At 9:33 AM, Blogger lexa said...

I love those socks! My boys would love them. Very cheerful.


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