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Saturday, June 09, 2007

June socks (second attempt)

Rib on the Side
I case I have already posted this month, I appologize up front. I am out on a field exercise and my mind is total oatmeal. I have knitting time while sitting on shift waiting for the phone which thankfully is not ringing.
This is the fourth pair I have knit so far. The others can be seen (as per usual) over on my blog.
The pattern is Rib on the Side from Fiber Trends. They are designed to be fraternal. If you wanted them to match, you would have to stripe the feet in order not have to use three skeins of yarn. I had an extremely limited amoung of each yarn left.
The yarn is Apple Laine. I think purchased from Loopy Ewe. And knit on a variety of 2,5mm needles.
>Rib on the Side

Heel Detail
I have also managed Victorian Lace from the 6SKAL, a Broken Rib and something else.

Oatmeal - I need some sleep



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