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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'll show you later

Guess I'll play a little catch-up. I can't show you now because of a computer problem, but very soon I will reveal the three pairs of socks I've made since May. Do they count?
Started in May were some green-blue-violet Koigu socks just in stockinette. They are a little loose but very comfortable. And they're kind of short which looks nice and feels cool in summer.
In June I began and finished my Sockapalooza socks with some Austermann Step in pink, magenta, purple, and red stripes. I made Jaywalkers. My first ones. So I'm a little behind the times. Anyway, I'm pleased with them and I hope my pal likes them too.
Also in June I completed another stockinette pair out of Opal Hundertwasser wool, sent to me by a friend in Vienna. Hundertwasser is an Austrian artist and I used the colorway Der Blaue Mond. They are deliberately not supposed to match. In fact, one is supposed to be knit sideways, but I didn't do that. They are such a mismatched pair, I love them.
For July, I've started a pair of Embossed Leaves with some more Koigu. There was a store nearby that was having a half-off sale, so I bought about 12 skeins of colorful Koigu. So that's what I'm working on.
I'm sorry I can't show them yet. But I will.


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