Sock a Month Knitalong 3

Saturday, March 17, 2007

2 pairs of simple socks in March

Hi. two pairs of sock for SAM3: First one:
Pattern: Plain Knit with 2x2 ribs, cast on 64 stitches
Yarn: Super Soxx #568
Needle: Size 0 (2mm) Addi 40" One needle
Started: March 3, 2007; Ended: March 9,2007
Second one:
Pattern: Plain knit with 3x3 ribs, cast on 54 stitches
Yarn: Online 6ply #74
Neele: Size 1 (2.5mm) Addi 40" One needle
Started: March 10, 2007 Ended: March 17, 2007
Cheer! Happy SAM3 -Esther


At 8:27 AM, Blogger lexa said...

Nice socks! Congrats on two pairs for the month. :)


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