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Monday, March 12, 2007

2nd pair of March Socks

I started these waiting for my Blue Moon Socks That Rock Club yarn to arrive.
I figured... if I start a new pair of socks, the yarn will get here -- right?
Backfired on me.
Because I finished the first sock before the yarn arrived.
So... then I had something that could no longer be easily cast aside.
And I had to finish the 2nd sock.
But here they are!
And now I can move on...

Size 1 needles.
Yarn: recycled from a Laura Ashley sweater. (I don't usually use recycled yarn for socks because the yarn plies are stranded and not twisted so the fiber is too weak and easily breakable for sock yarn. But this sweater happened to have a twist of plies in order to achieve the color effect. So I went for it.)
Pattern: None. Simple top-down stockinette sock.

And now I really AM 'footloose and fancy free'

this 2nd shot is truer to color. Aren't hand knit socks the BEST?
Unfortunately they are also slippery on hardwood stairs...
As I found out when I was wearing my new socks
and I slipped and fell down the stairs today.
Maybe I should knit some stair-coverings next...


Margo - who is off to assuage her bruised thigh with some ice cream.


At 3:26 AM, Anonymous Angie said...

Your socks look so warm and comfy. Sorry about the stair mishap..I had one last week but that's because I'm a klutz.

At 9:11 AM, Blogger lexa said...

Very nice, warm looking socks! I find my socks slippery on my hardwood floors, too. Hope the ice cream helps!


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