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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Yarn Candy

Okay, so I'm not posting a sock. Still got 1 nearly finished otn and started a new Fair isle sock today. Designing it myself and it'll be put forward for mag submissions later this month. So can't post pic of that either.

But thought I'd share a bit of eye candy. Just have a look at this gorgeous yarn. And all of it sock yarn too. I'm spoiled for choice.

First up,

Duet Sock Yarn in 'Berries' bought from The Yarn Grove. This came today with some mini sock blockers. This yarn is so gorgoeus and has 125gr of the main yarn adn 30 gr of solid.

Also from the Yarn Grove is this Lornas Laces Georgetown. Love this colour. Feels like spring.

Got this on Saturday from the Yarn Yard which is the March club yarn. Love the colour of this too. Cast on for this but hte pattern i wanted to use didn't work with the yarn so on hold now.

And some Tofutsies whihc arrived last week .Not got much further than the toe actually. LOL

And some Opal I've hand dyed myself which is nowhere near as gorgeous as all this ohter sock yarn but thought I'd show it anyway.

Also got tempted in the Posh sale on Sunday evening and got some lovely cashmere 4ply coming. Have knitted socks iwth it before but using it for a shawl this time. (Talking about shawls - some shawl pics on my blog (finished ones and in progress).

And I've got some Posh Lucia sock yarn which I bought from an online friend, whihc will hopefully arrive tomorrow.

Hope yo uall enjoyed the yarn candy.

And to all the posts I haven't posted on. Everyone's socks are fantastic. I pop on most days to check what people have done. And it's all gorgeous.

BTW, what's happened to all the stuff in the side bar (everyone's names etc)?



At 2:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sidebar stuff is all down at the bottom. Hmmmm...wonder what that's about.

I've seen it happen to other blogs too.

Your yarn all looks so pretty.

At 9:22 AM, Blogger lexa said...

Nice yarns! Thanks for the eye candy!

At 2:35 PM, Blogger Anni said...

You're welcome.


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