Sock a Month Knitalong 3

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wow I’m smarter then I look

Merging old blogger with new blogger just about broke my brain. But it’s done and I’m here…woohoo.

This is my very first KAL…shivering in my boots here. My grandmother taught me to knit YEARS ago and I of course got bored with it and went off to do other things like chase boys. But I’m back….way older (we’ll see if I’m any wiser) and completely addicted to anything ‘fiber’ related. I only recently taught myself to knit socks and in truth I’ve finished two pair and 8 single socks…I end up hating the way they turned out and instead of knitting sock #2 I frog the whole darn thing and start over. I’ve done that at least a dozen times….so this KAL should be a real challenge for me. ;)

I’m married, with two grown kids and two grandchildren…oh and I have a real high pressure demanding job….so I have nothing but time on my hands to knit socks. ;) what the heck was I thinking? Light candles…..burn incense….and pray for me.



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