Sock a Month Knitalong 3

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Does This Count??

My camera is on the fritz. Does it count when I describe the socks and then post my April socks when my niece and HER camera are back in town?? Someone let me know!!
They are light blue and brown and white (snowbunny from scouts swag) and they have a gusset heel. I can't wait to show you guys this heel! It rocks.


At 4:04 AM, Blogger lexa said...

Looking forward to seeing the socks!

At 5:19 AM, Blogger Karen said...

Sure, that's fine!! We'll look forward to seeing them later. :)

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Knitting Bandit said...

I can't wait to see them. I have a skein of the smoebunny in the tencel/merino and I haven't decided on a pattern. So maybe you'll inspiire me!


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