Sock a Month Knitalong 3

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Because nothing can ever be easy...

Well, the blog is now on new Blogger, but there is a bug in the settings that keeps any of us admins from adding new people to the blog. So, new invites are not going to be sent until that gets fixed. (Bugs like this were the reason why I was resistant to upgrading - I used to work for a software company, and I don't like anything that's Beta or a new release until other people have had time to find the major bugs.)

I know I sound like a broken record, but again, please bear with us!

Out of the dark ages...

We're now on new Blogger! So hopefully that will solve some of the horrendous problems we've been having with those of you who have switched over. If any of you are still on old Blogger, you'll have to create a Google account (or use your existing one, if you already have one) to accept your invite. I'm not sure what will happen to the invites we've already sent out, so please e-mail me if you need an invite resent.

Sock on, people!!!


Hurray, I finally figured out the old/new blogger thing. Thanks for the very explicit instructions for idiots like me. I didn't know I had to create a whole new account on old blogger. I gave up this morning and walked away from it. Looking forward to more socks each month!


After much aggravation and several attempts, I finally overcame the New Blogger/Old Blogger issue and was able to add SAM3 to my dashboard! I was just about ready to heave the computer out on the front lawn. Not sure how I did it finally, but following Chrissy's instructions on creating a new Old Blogger account then merging it with my New Blogger account worked. (Even though the first attempt kept telling me it was creating a New Blogger account. Can't tell you what I did differently.)

Happy knitting!

Sheri aka "Lexa"


I'm all set now too - and ready to knit more socks!! Thanks for the new instructions!

Wow I’m smarter then I look

Merging old blogger with new blogger just about broke my brain. But it’s done and I’m here…woohoo.

This is my very first KAL…shivering in my boots here. My grandmother taught me to knit YEARS ago and I of course got bored with it and went off to do other things like chase boys. But I’m back….way older (we’ll see if I’m any wiser) and completely addicted to anything ‘fiber’ related. I only recently taught myself to knit socks and in truth I’ve finished two pair and 8 single socks…I end up hating the way they turned out and instead of knitting sock #2 I frog the whole darn thing and start over. I’ve done that at least a dozen times….so this KAL should be a real challenge for me. ;)

I’m married, with two grown kids and two grandchildren…oh and I have a real high pressure demanding job….so I have nothing but time on my hands to knit socks. ;) what the heck was I thinking? Light candles…..burn incense….and pray for me.


Whoa, Nelly!

Okay, this old Blogger vs new Blogger thing is turning into a total nightmare. I am going to upgrade to new Blogger (since I'm going to have to do it eventually anyway, and it looks like it might be easier for folks to deal with), but I'm waiting to hear from a co-owner of one of my other blogs before I switch over.

In the meantime, Adrienne has given great instructions on how to work with your invite if you are already on new Blogger:

1. must create a new "old blogger" account. your original "old blogger" account automatically transfers to the "new google blogger" so using that will not works.

2. after being accepted by "old blogger" under your new "old blogger"
account, you have an opportunity to switch sam3 to the "new google blogger". at this point, you are asked if you already have an existing new google account or if you have to create one. if you already have one, the sam3 blog group is moved to your exisiting google account.

If you've done something else and somehow lost your invite, just send me an e-mail and we'll get you a new invite. Just bear with us - it might take a few days! I will also be reposting the rules with some clearer info about deadlines, etc., but rest assured that you do not need to be on the blog on Feb 1 in order to participate. Your socks will be counted based on the date I received your email.

Thanks for your patience, everyone, and I'm sorry this has been such a hassle!

Yippee, I'm in too

At the risk of repeating previous posts!! I made it. First Blogger made me move to the NEW blogger......crap. Read other members posts and created a new account as well.!!! Thanks again to the wonderful women handling this KAL. Let's knit some socks!!!

Just Joined

Whew! Well, I was one of the ones who had switched to the new blogger, so I had to create a new account. What a MESS! But I'm here now! :D

I am, quite honestly, terrified of this KAL. I have knitted a total of 6 pairs of socks since I started. I love knitting them. I just hope that I can actually do a pair a month. Actually, I'll be happy to do 1 every two months.

Little about me: I am self taught knitter (I wanted to knit I've been knitting for almost 10 years, but really been going strong for about 5. I am a SAHM of 3 kids: Almost 5, 2, 9mos. I love yarn. I love dyeing yarn. I love knitting.. :D


Here I Am!

Made it, too! Whew, that's quite an ordeal, eh? :0)

I'm so looking forward to this round of SAM - I was part of the first two, and while I didn't do so great on round 1, I actually made a pair of socks every month in round 2! This is a great motivator for me - let's see if the magic holds!


Made it!!

Wow - THAT was confusing! Sofee now has her own blogger account. I am one of those that has moved to the new blogger (actually quite happily so...). But this sign up was somewhat confusing, as they would not recognize my new or old account name. So - Sofee (my partner in crime) has her own account!!

Glad to be here - thanks for letting me (us) join in. I am actually finishing up a shawl, and hope to get a new pair of socks cast on in the morning. I am newly retired (today first day, actually) and boy - am I going to be knitting up a storm......

Kathy in Iowa

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Getting organized!

I know that Feb 1 is just around the corner (how the heck did that happen?), and most of you have not received your invite to the SAM3 blog yet. I've just now gotten my act mostly together and split all of you up into three groups, one of which will be managed by me, and the other two by my lovely co-hostesses Karen and Stariel.

I'm going to be in charge of everyone whose first name falls between A and Jillian, Karen will take care of those of you between Jillian and Missyjoon, and Stariel will handle the rest. Your hostess will be inviting you, linking to you in the sidebar and taking care of all of your updates. In order to make life as easy as possible, please put your name (as it is in the sidebar) in the subject line of all e-mails and also sign your post with it and your blog, especially if someone else has the same name. This will make it so much easier for your hostesses to give you your letters! You don't have to e-mail your updates, but you do need to blog about them here so that we know that you've done your socks. You can feel free to just post a link to your own blog if you don't want to write about your socks twice.

A note for you who have upgraded to the evil new Blogger - it looks like Blogger has really screwed us up this time, and the only way to accept the invitation to this blog is to recreate your account on old Blogger. I think we are about 50/50 old vs new, so either way it's a pain for half of us. If anyone figures out a way to merge old and new blogs without new accounts, I'll let you all know right away.

Feel free to e-mail or post any questions for your hostesses here to be answered. And spread the word! The more the merrier - I think this is gearing up to be the best SAM yet!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bear with me...

Okay, sign-ups for SAM3 are coming in fast and furious. Don't be alarmed if you've sent me an e-mail and I haven't gotten you your invite yet - I wasn't expecting such a flood of enthusiasm! I should know better by now.

Also, there are some issues between the old blogger (which I am stubbornly clinging to) and the new blogger. I'm not sure how to resolve this yet, so if anyone does know how to easily accept an invite from old blogger when you're on new blogger, please share! The blogger help is, of course, extremely unhelpful.

We're getting ready to head up to Washington, but I will have wireless access up there. I am also going to call on my lovely co-hostesses (Stariel and Karen) for help as soon as I can get my act together! So hang in there - I am hoping that all of the kinks will be worked out by the time SAM3 starts.

Sock on, baby!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sign-ups are open - KAL starts Feb 1!

Sign-ups for SAM3, the 3rd incarnation of the Sock-A-Month Knit-along, are now open! This SAM will run a bit differently than the last two, with a group blog for everyone to post their socks to. I will still keep track of who knit what, and will still pass out prizes at the end of the knit-along. But I'm trying to keep it simple this time around.

The rules are easy - post to this blog when you've finished socks. I will try to keep the sidebar updated weekly, but no promises! There will be a monthly drawing for everyone who completes socks, and then the big drawing at the end of six months - for each month you completed socks in, you'll get an entry in the drawing. This round will run from Feb. 1 to July 31.

As much as I hate to do it, I'm going to eliminate the brownie points for extra socks this time around. You can still feel free to post your additional socks to the blog (because of course we like to see ALL the socks you've made), but I'll only count your first pair for the month.

You can sign up for the KAL at any time, but only socks finished after you've signed up will be counted. Socks will be counted in the month they're finished in. I will allow late posts (i.e. posting in March for Feb socks), but if you're too late you won't make the monthly drawing. I will do the drawing anytime after the 5th of the following month, so if you want to be sure you're included, post before then to be safe.

What counts as socks: anything with standard sock construction that will be worn by a human, including baby socks, pedicure socks (as long as they have a turned heel) and felted socks (again, must have a turned heel - Fuzzy Feet count).

What doesn't count: baby booties, felted clogs or slippers, sock ornaments or earrings, and mis-matched pairs of single socks (exception - I will allow mismatched pairs of Xmas stockings). Get those second socks done, folks!

Email me at knittinmom at gmail dot com to sign up. I am looking forward to seeing all of your socks!